Solar Decathlon

Initiated by the United States Department of Energy, Solar Decathlon (SD) is an international collegiate science and technology competition of solar-powered houses. With technologies and innovations from world-leading R&D and design teams, SD aims to integrate solar energy, energy conservation, and architecture design in a new way so as to design and build a comfortable, livable, and sustainable solar house with full functions.

During the competition, the operation of the house will be solely powered by solar energy. SD will make a comprehensive assessment of the houses’ performance on energy saving, physical environment control, and power independence. The competing houses will be ranked based on the results of ten independently scored contests, thus it is named “Decathlon”.

Currently, SD has expanded internationally, including six organizing committees worldwide, including the United States, China, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Solar Decathlon China

As an achievement of the Sino-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue, and with the authorization of the U.S. Department of Energy and guidance of the China National Energy Administration, Solar Decathlon China (SDC) is organized by China Overseas Development Association and supported by the School Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. With global universities as participants, and based on technologies and ideas of world-leading R&D teams, SDC is established to create a fully functional, comfortable, livable, and sustainable living space by freshly integrating clean energy, energy conservation, and environmental protection into architectural design.

With its successful inauguration in China in 2013, SDC has been consecutively held in Datong, Shanxi Province (2013) and Dezhou, Shandong Province (2018). The competition is intended to promote green building development, enhance people’s environmental awareness, as well as to facilitate technology innovation and commercialization. Taking houses as the carrier, intelligent homes as the core, and global citizen ideals as the spirit, the competition is designed as the Olympic Games in the solar energy and green building industry.

The third SDC event is scheduled to be held in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province in September 2021.

Standard Competition Site Plan
Standard Competition Site Plan