SDC 2021 Finalist

In November 2020, the SDC2021 online mid-term evaluation was successfully held. 17 competition teams presented their projects from team structure, industry partnerships, target market description, design summary, approach to winning each contest, current progress in fundraising, and other important factors for accomplishing the project. Six judges from China and abroad communicated with each team in depth.

After careful evaluation by the jury and the organizing committee, we hereby announce the final team list of the SDC2021 competition in the coming new year. We congratulate the following 15 teams and look forward to meeting everyone in Zhangjiakou in September 2021 to show the charm of green building and green lifestyle.

2020 is a year when human beings pay unprecedented attention to environmental protection and clean energy. In this context, SDC together with Zhangjiakou City, selected 17 teams from 33 universities in 12 countries to attend the competition.

This year, SDC joined hands with more than 200 enterprises and institutions to integrate and innovate in the fields of photovoltaic building integration, modularization, multi-energy complementation, zero energy consumption community, green cycle zero-release, smart home, etc. Projects are suitable for the diversified application scenarios of pension, culture and tourism, emergency, urban renewal, and new rural construction. We would like to uses the latest technology to achieve a greener, healthier, and more convenient life.

Starting from January 2021, the organizing committee will hold project roadshows and other brand activities in cities to strive for more publicity opportunities for each team. At the same time, together with the host city, we will use our green energy to convey the spirit of the Green Olympics.

In 2021, SDC will celebrate its 10th anniversary. From Datong, Dezhou to Zhangjiakou, we have been sparing no effort to spread the green lifestyle. We hope that in this year, protecting the earth and the environment will become the belief of more people.

We look forward to all the teams and partners working with us to create a memory of SDC. 

We wish the SDC2021 a complete success because of you.

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