SDC 2021 First Online Workshop

Solar Decathlon China 2021 first online workshop was successfully held on October 14, 2020. It is the first gathering of SDC 2021 family.

Online Workshop Screenshot

The workshop is attended by faculty and students from candidate teams, and representatives from SD China Organizing Committee.

Team Representatives

The organizing committee first expressed welcome and thanks for everyone’s attendance and shared the updates about the competition and competition site which teams are concerned about. After that, the representative of each team introduced themselves. They all made sufficient preparations and strive to achieve excellent results in next year’s competition.

Team Representatives

The most exciting part of the workshop was the selection of lots. By selecting their favorite vegetables, all teams obtained the corresponding number of the competition lots and the storage lots.

Site Lot Selection

Finally, the organizing committee gave a preview of the next workshop, representatives from past winning team will share their experiences with us.

Before and during SD China 2021, more scholars, industry leaders, enterprise experts, and global SD participants will be invited to share with SDCers, which allows more students to learn knowledge and cutting-edge trends in related fields. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for outstanding young talents to show themselves.

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