SDC 2021 Launching Ceremony Successfully Held

Solar Decathlon China 2021 was officially launched on September 26th, 2020. 33 universities from 12 countries around the world formally gathered to form 17 teams, two of which are backup teams. In September 2021, 15 teams will be in Zhangjiakou, to provide overall solutions from the energy and construction industries for a more environmentally friendly, intelligent, and dynamic future world.

Due to the epidemic situation, the launching ceremony was held online. Many special guests participated in the ceremony and delivered speeches through video. More than 3300 people, watched the launching ceremony.

Special Guests

33 universities in 12 countries gathered

At the launching ceremony, LI Ang, Director of SDC Organizing Committee, introduced the teams and the highlights of the SDC 2021 competition.

Since the global recruitment in January 2020, after the evaluation of the expert group, a total of 17 teams from 33 universities from 12 countries (two of which are backup teams) have entered the final stage of the SDC 2021 competition. In order to better display their works to the public, the organizing committee has introduced the competition mechanism in the preparatory stage and will hold a mid-term evaluation in November this year, and finally determine 15 final teams.

Final Teams

This competition will invite universities from all over the world to cooperate with enterprises to design a green solar house that meets the requirements of “sustainable development, intelligent interconnection, and human health”.

Competition Site

This year’s entries are all nearly zero energy residential buildings, which mainly use solar energy, combined with other renewable energy. The use of the latest technology, materials, and products, combined with sports, cultural tourism, and other themes, will present a feast on future housing and lifestyle.

Compared with previous competitions, this competition has the following innovations: 1. Increase the comprehensive assessment of renewable energy and energy efficiency; 2. Highlight the extension and practical application of the project; 3. Adopt multi-dimensional evaluation of media, experience, live broadcast; 4. Add the concept of IP operation.

SDC 2021 has comprehensive awards, contest awards, and several individual awards. In addition, in order to better spread the concept of the competition, this year’s competition will include the “most influential” award.

Support Zhangjiakou to hold the Winter Olympic Games in a green way

The competition site is located in Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City, covering an area of about 80 mu. It is divided into three parts: competition area, exhibition area, and supporting area.

Competition Village

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and government, GUO Ying, Member of Municipal Standing Committee, Vice Mayor of Zhangjiakou City, welcomed and looked forward to the holding of the competition. “A number of excellent teams from all over the world will participate in this competition, which will not only bring Zhangjiakou the latest and cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of renewable energy in the world, but also bring the development concept and direction of organic integration of renewable energy with human production and life,” he said.

After the competition, the Organizing Committee will continue to work closely with Zhangjiakou City to build a green development platform system to provide sustainable power for the development of relevant leading industries in Zhangjiakou.

Focus on innovation and boost the upgrading of new energy field

After ten years of development, Solar Decathlon China has developed into a diversified platform integrating competition, exhibition, forum, training and smart park. The competition brings not only advanced technology of solar energy utilization, but also related new ideas. SD China has witnessed the development of China’s new energy industry in the past ten years, and a number of enterprises with strong strength in the field of photothermal and photovoltaic have emerged in the solar energy industry.

Through the competition, the platform has gathered more than 570 enterprises in more than a dozen industries such as renewable energy, smart community, and new materials. The start of SDC 2021 also marks the official start of commercial and brand cooperation. The competition will cooperate with clean energy, construction enterprises, and consumer oriented enterprises at the same time. The competition encourages all kinds of enterprises to actively participate in the competition. At the same time, it builds a bridge between enterprises and universities to help enterprises to integrate advantageous resources and promote the industry to a higher level.

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